Life Is Not a Blog


By Charisa Falcione

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you’re a “blog reader” (insightful, right?). Now being a blog reader is very helpful most of the time. I’m a blog reader. My feed is full of informative posts, updates from other friend’s family blogs, home organization blogs, home decorating blogs, food blogs, spiritual and religious blogs, and of course child-rearing blogs. All sorts of information is readily available to me. It’s wonderful!

Here I am, a simple lady raising two little girls, and I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to read a little something. Then, wham, bam, what hits me in the face? Pictures of beautiful kids, pristine, with bows in their hair. Kitchens perfectly organized, paint colors perfectly coordinated, home-sewn slipcovers, wall art made from someone else’s trash bits and then the ubiquitous picture of the gorgeous and fit mom with perfect make-up and styled hair wearing a fashion-forward outfit. UGH! I’m still in my PJs and my kids are wearing mismatched jammies, and probably one of them has a shirt on backwards or inside out! But which one is reality?! My life or that blog?

I’m hoping that my life is still considered reality. I think it is. I think reality is not necessarily what is on the blogs. Blogs are just a glimpse into what a perfect world could be. I find it helpful to remember that a blog is a resource and not really a measure of my life. If my life were a blog, it would look more like sticky fingerprints on the table, dust art on the tv, and toys-mageddon! You see, when I compare myself to what I see on the blogs or even when I speak to some of my friends, I can easily be discouraged, overwhelmed, or even mislead into thinking I’m a failure.

Here’s my advice on the issue of blogs in particular. Please enjoy them! Enjoy reading them, but never sit down and then insert your life into what you are reading! I like to sit and mentally file away one small tidbit or bit of advice for something I’d like to try. I also remind myself that those ladies who are looking so beautiful in the picture probably were in their over-sized bathrobes when they sat down to type their post, and their kids were probably yelling in the background too. And maybe a little hand or two reached up and started to push the keys on the laptop and so she had to delete two lines of nonsensical letters, and just maybe there was something foreign and sticky on the ‘x’ key that she had to clean off. You know, something like what just happened to me while typing this post.

While I can relate to many of the blogs I read, I find that when the “rubber meets the road” not everything can fit perfectly into my life. Let me use a dinner recipe as a metaphor. Let’s say I read a recipe and it sounds delicious. I will often tweak it though to fit my family’s tastes. No mushrooms. No walnuts. More chicken. More garlic. Then comes the pictures of the finished dish. I personally don’t usually perfectly place a sprig of parsley on every dish I make. Recipes can still be comforting, uplifting and delicious even if it’s all thrown willy-nilly into a bowl. Just like life!

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