Babywise Week: Terrible and Terrific Twos

Hank’s 2-year-old

It’s Babywise Blog Network Week again! All week, we’ll be featuring blog posts from other Babywise-friendly blogs. The schedule is as follows:

· Monday: Valerie Plowman, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
· Tuesday: Maureen Monfore, Childwise Chat
· Wednesday: Bethany Lynch, The Graceful Mom
· Thursday: Hank Osborne, Daddy Life
· Friday: Surprise guest blogger

Today, Hank Osborne from Daddy Life talks about the terrible twos and the terrific twos. As he explains, parents often fear age two because it often brings extreme mood swings and misbehaviors. It’s true that kids this age can be sweet and happy one second and angry and sad the next. What’s worse, it’s often difficult to predict their moods.

In his post, Hank gives us some helpful strategies to deal with the turbulence that age two often brings. In addition to first-time obedience, Hank talks about self-control, developmentally appropriate play, reflective sit time, and a parent attitude that is more directive than fearful.

To see Hank’s post in its entirety, visit Daddy Life.


  1. Emmy Simpson says:

    Hi Maureen,
    I was looking for a way to contact you to ask a question, but couldn’t find one, so I hope it is okay to ask it here. I am a mom to a 6 month old, 20 month old, and 35 month old. I have your e-book about FTO, but am struggling with every part. I believe in these principles and love what you have written, but since I am starting late in the game, and basically have no obedience and have lots of frustration and zero energy (I am about 100 pounds overweight after these babies and getting hardly any sleep with the baby still up 3-7 times a night), I am feeling lost in how to do this with so many littles at once. Training one at a time I know I could do, but they are just so close together, and they are running this house! Please help! Any advice?

  2. Hi Emmy. Your comment slipped past me somehow. Sorry about that. You can always email me, by the way. Just click on the address book icon on the left of my blog.

    It can get overwhelming to try to tackle so many issues with several kids at once, so if I were you, I’d break it down. Identify your top behavior problems in each of your kids, and start there. Also, keep them near you as much as possible. Be sure you’re scheduling their day, too, so they know they’re not ruling the roost.

    Probably most importantly, I’d work on getting your baby to sleep through the night. A 6-month-old Babywise baby can certainly sleep 10-12 hours in one stretch. I’d start there so you have the energy to deal with your older two. I highly recommend you reread Babywise if you haven’t recently. If you want a sounding board, you might check out the Babywise Community board on ProBoards. There are other moms there who are closer to the ages you’re dealing with (it’s been a while since I’ve dealt with baby stuff). Here’s the link:

    Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions!


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