Babywise week: multiple children

Valerie with baby Brinley

It’s Babywise Blog Network Week again! All week, we’ll be featuring blog posts from other Babywise-friendly blogs. The schedule is as follows:

· Monday: Valerie Plowman, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
· Tuesday: Maureen Monfore, Childwise Chat
· Wednesday: Bethany Lynch, The Graceful Mom
· Thursday: Hank Osborne, Daddy Life
· Friday: Surprise guest blogger

Valerie from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom starts off our week with a beautifully written post about the ups and downs of having multiple children. She points out that a mom’s life is very different when she has one child than it is when she has two or more children. Now that Valerie has four children, her life is much busier than it was when she had only her oldest.

She also points out the fact that the work for mom does not multiply by the number of children you have. Having two children is not twice as hard as one. Adding children to the family changes the family dynamic just as the child changes. Children grow and become self-sufficient, so it’s not like having four newborns!

I can relate. In many ways, having two children is easier than one. My children entertain each other, and William often helps his brother when I need a helping hand.

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