Lovey comes home

Have you seen this amazing video that’s been circulating the social media circles? If not, grab a tissue. Be prepared to shed a few tears.

This boy, Liam, lost his lovey on a camping trip three years ago. When on eBay, Liam’s mom decided to do a search for the lovey, named Ah Ah. This is the crazy part: she found it. It was the same exact monkey. Its tag had a jagged cut just like the one they lost three years ago. It’s hair was singed just like the one they lost three years ago. This video is of her giving Ah Ah back to Liam.

I’m a sucker for my kids’ loveys. Lucas has a blanket with a duck head that I still insist he sleep with. I’ll put it on my shoulder when I’m reading a bedtime story. I’ll lay it out on his pillow for every nap and night. He proceeds to shove it to the side of the bed as if he’s too old to have it. Many times, I think he hasn’t said anything about it because he knows I need him to use it. My baby is getting too big too fast, and I think he knows I struggle with this fact.

So you can imagine how I felt when I saw my big boy William snuggling with his old lovey. His lovey got put away much earlier than Lucas’ did, but it’s always been in the house. In the past, I’ve reminded him how much he loved this particular bear and how he used to hold it tightly around its neck. It’s interesting to me that he didn’t remember it, yet, just a few days ago, at eight years old, William was snuggling with his shaggy bear in bed. Makes a mom’s heart smile.

Do your kids have loveys? Do they carry them everywhere they go or do they stay in bed? Do they seem to sleep better with lovey in hand? I’d love to hear all your lovey stories!


  1. My son always had a lovey…..carried it everywhere and especially had to have it for sleep. But since he also had a paci, when we got rid of the paci, he stopped using the lovey. It was kinda sad to me. But at the same time, he got a build a bear monkey for his birthday that he made himself, etc. The monkey became his new best friend. Going everywhere and sleeping with him at night. He would have conversations with him and all that….SO cute! It’s been over a year that the monkey has been a family member and just a few weeks ago we lost him on a trip. Can’t find him anywhere. He hasn’t complained much about him, only a few times acting sad. I’m planning to take him back to make another one just like the old one….but I’M the one sad knowing it’s not the exact SAME one. Pathetic, I know….but I’m not ready for him to grow up yet! My daughter, on the other hand is almost 2 and has never preferred a lovey or stuffed animal. Makes me sad cause I love how cute kids are with them! :)

  2. My kids all have “loveys”. My oldest (nearly 8) doesn’t “need” it and regularly sleeps without it. But it’s still sweet to think of his special lovey. My 4 year old still loves & sleeps with his lovey every night. One year after he got the original monkey, we bought an identical monkey (backup!). He hated it, called it “new monkey” and brushed it aside (but not so far away – it is still in bed at night, but not a necessity!). The baby loves a certain set of swaddle blankets we have. There are 4 in the set and they all look different, but she doesn’t have a particular favorite (yet – she’s just 1, there’s time!). Our children are typically allowed to carry their lovey around until 2 or 2.5. Loveys don’t usually leave our house (unless we’re going on an overnight) and after the predetermined age, loveys stay in their rooms (beds).

  3. This is the sweetest thing ever. Both my boys have lovies and I’m sure they would be beyond devastated if we lost them. I actually have multiple replicas of them that I switch in and out every week so that they won’t realize it. Thanks for sharing this!

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