Obedience offers acceptance and approval

Source: childrensbehaviorproblems.com

I came across a wonderful passage in Growing Kids God’s Way that summarizes the need for a high standard of obedience. We don’t train our children to obey us for our own convenience. Obedience offers so much more. Consider this:

“A child’s feeling of acceptance and sense of approval is directly related to the standard of behavior required by his parents. This is true for all areas of character development and is especially true with first-time obedience. The child whose parents require first-time obedience and encourage him in the process has a greater sense of parental approval, love, and acceptance than a child in a permissive or authoritarian household. Permissive parents tend to ignore the standard for obedience, while authoritarian parents eliminate the need to affirm their children.

“When a child meets a high, established standard and receives parental approval, obedience becomes attractive, and the child knows his parents accept him. The higher the standard, the greater the confirmation and sense of approval. The lower the standard, the weaker the sense of approval and, ultimately, the weaker the parent-child relationship,” (Growing Kids God’s Way, p. 129).

Isn’t that incredible to think that a little work put into training our children in first-time obedience can yield so many amazing results?! Approval, acceptance, character, and a strong parent-child relationship are all important parenting goals.

As I’ve said many times before, laying that foundation of obedience opens the doors to so many opportunities. It’s time well spent.

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  1. Erika H says:

    Is there a way to purchase your ebook on FTO without using Paypal? I don’t use Paypal..

  2. Maureen says:

    Hi Erika. It’s easy to set up a PayPal account. One of my buyers used PayPal’s eCheck service if you don’t want to use a credit or debit card. I suppose you could mail me a check. I would have to wait to receive it and deposit it before sending you a link to download the book. If you want to go that route, email me (click on the contact icon at left) and I’ll give you my address.

  3. I wouldn’t exactly agree that it’s just “a little work put into training our children in first-time obedience”, but I agree that all the hard work is definitely worth it!!

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