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Last week, I offered tips on how to raise a voracious reader. One of my tips was to surround yourselves with books and to create several reading spots in the home. To start, keep a basket of books by the child’s bed, in the bathroom and in the car. Keep a bag of books (or a Kindle) by the door to grab on your way to the park or beach this summer. Make note of the books that your child likes to read many times over and keep those in the same basket or bag. But beyond those select few, swap books out regularly for variety.

And when you think about creating a reading haven in your home, think about more than just books. Create a nook (or two) where your child will want to retreat to for some reading time. Create a cozy space with a comfortable chair and good lighting (table lamps, not harsh overhead lights). Thanks to the amazing Pinterest, I’ll share a few fantastic reading havens other people have created in their own homes. Click on the images to see more ideas.

Reading Tents

Don’t these look so cozy?

I want this one!

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Kids will be much more inclined to read books when they can see them. Create bookshelves that display the cover of books, not just their spines.

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Creative Spaces

Do you live in a small home or apartment? Get creative with your space. Turn a closet into a reading nook, hang some bookshelves on a door, or as with the tent above, create a collapsible nook that you can put up and tear down as needed.

Yes, this (below) is a closet!

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These shelves (below) were created with Ikea spice racks, so you can imagine how narrow they are. They’re just wide enough to hold spice jars, or a few books!

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Get creative with the lighting in your reading nooks.

Click on the image below for instructions on how to create this Pottery Barn-inspired paper lantern.

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A chandelier? Why not?











Outdoor Reading Nooks

Don’t forget outside! Whether you throw a blanket on the grass or create a separate reading nook, some of the best reading is done outdoors.











Want something simple? Throw a sheet over a rope for an outdoor reading tent like this one:












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And if this (below) doesn’t provide inspiration, I don’t know what will? Isn’t this amazing?!

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Do you have a reading haven in your home? If so, share pictures!

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