Do you need to change your routine?


Do you have any chronic behavior issues with your child that you just can’t seem to shake? Have you tried every discipline measure in the book? Perhaps you’ve tried to praise your way out of a bad behavior predicament.

What if there was a simpler solution? What if simply changing your routine would eliminate the problem?

On Monday, I discussed changing your routine to eliminate too much TV watching. But sometimes, we need to change our routine when we’re having behavior problems. Sometimes, we go to great lengths to come up with creative logical consequences when a simple change in our routine is all that’s needed.

It’s easy to think that a chronic behavior problem requires drastic measures. But sometimes the simplest route is the most effective.

Here are some behavior issues and simple routine fixes:

1)    Too hyped up at bedtime: Eliminate dessert and any sugar served at or after dinner.

2)    Slow-moving in the mornings: Put the child to bed earlier to ensure he gets a good amount of sleep. Or consider having breakfast before getting dressed.

3)    Won’t follow directions at naptime: Put the child down earlier or simply take him by the hand to complete your naptime routine.

4)    Says no when you ask him if he needs to go potty (even when you know he needs to): Stop asking. Just take him.

5)    Always gets into trouble when you’re working with an older child on homework: Put the younger child in roomtime.

Take a closer look at your routine to see if there are any tweaks you can to make to eliminate behavior problems.


  1. Another great thing to add to this is room time when you are making dinner. This saves me!

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