Answer when spoken to

first-time obedience


Unfortunately, the Superbowl and this pesky little thing called work has seriously cut into my blogging time. (I’m a freelance marketing writer, so my work is feast or famine by nature. I’m in feast mode right now!)

So I’m going to leave you with an insightful quote. “Answer when spoken to” is written on my white board under our list of house rules. As the Ezzos say:

“When you speak to your child in a way that requires an answer or an action, you should expect an immediate and complete response. This principle speaks to the parents’ level of expectation. Children will rise to whatever level is expected and encouraged. Too many parents expect little and receive exactly that. We have consistently found that the requirement of first-time obedience is far less of an adjustment problem for children than it is for their parents,” (Growing Kids God’s Way, p. 126).

Keep this in mind this week and report back. I’d love to hear from you how well this works in improving first-time obedience in your home.

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