Live in Harmony with First-Time Obedience. New eBook!

Have you always wanted to teach your children first-time obedience but you’ve never been sure where to begin? Let my new eBook, Live in Harmony with First-Time Obedienceteach you how.

I am very proud to announce the release of my new eBook! Several months ago, I realized that it might help parents to have one easy-to-read, digital source for advice on teaching first-time obedience. After many hours and late nights, it’s now a reality!

After reading through my own posts on the topic of first-time obedience, I decided that there were several holes in my teaching that needed to be filled. So I am excited to offer this eBook, which covers just about every idea I’ve had about training children in first-time obedience. The 112-page eBook serves as a great complement to the Parent Wise books from Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.

In Live in Harmony with First-Time Obedience, you’ll learn how to:

  • Rid your home of tantrums, whining, complaining and negotiating
  • Train your children to be respectful and obedient
  • Create peace and harmony in your home so you can enjoy your children again
  • Work on obedience while they’re young and the stakes are low
  • Reduce the stress that comes with parenting young children
  • Achieve a balanced life of love and learning with your children

Gary Ezzo himself has endorsed the eBook:

One of the most important parenting tasks is helping children learn to obey. This eBook offers practical advice for parents in the throes of obedience training and is high on my recommended reading list. ~ Gary Ezzo

Get your copy of Live in Harmony with First-Time Obedience while it’s on sale! Until January 9, 2012, it will be available for just $6.99! That’s 30% off the original price!

Click on the graphic below to learn more about the eBook and to download a sample of the eBook. Have a look before you buy.

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  1. The babywise series progresses through stages defined by age. I am curious, what ages do you think would benefit most from your ebook?

  2. I’m glad you asked. The teaching applies to ages 1-12, with special considerations for children on the far ends of that age range. There are certain things we must consider when starting early (under a year) or late (over age 10). But instead of thinking about age, you might ask yourself where you are in your obedience training. If you have a child who’s 10 but has the obedience level of a 4-year-old, then the book will certainly apply. And there’s nothing wrong with starting late, if that’s the case. We all find our way at some point or another, some of us earlier or later than others. You might also want to check out the sample of the book (click on the cover image here) and it will give you a better feel for how well it applies to your situation.

  3. Hi Maureen — thanks for this wonderful book! I was wondering if there’s a spanish translation of the book? I would love to have my nanny read it (she only speaks spanish). I know there are a lot of other folks who would appreciate a spanish version as well.


  4. Hi Amy,

    I haven’t had any similar requests, but I think you might be able to manage this yourself. I just found this translation tool by Google:

    It says it doesn’t handle large documents, but there is one comment that says they were able to translate a 129-page document. I’d imagine you’d also be able to break it into several PDFs if you had to. Hope this helps!



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